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We are happy to have you join us in Sault Ste. Marie for Rendezvous in the Sault
Events like this cannot take place without historic enactors like yourself. 
We hope you can make it, and in return, we'll do everything we can to see that your stay in
Historic Sault Ste. Marie is a fun and memorable experience. 

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Give us a try... Just 40 minutes due north of the Mackinac Bridge on I-75 

You'll know you've arrived when you feel all the cares of the 21st Century have melted away. 
Set up camp and drift back in time.
That's right !  RELAX ! ... you're in Northern Michigan!

"Sault de Sainte Marie" means "Falls (Rapids) of St. Mary", in the old French of the Jesuits who founded a mission here in 1668. Thus, most of the early history of Sault Ste. Marie centers on the rapids, the river, and the land adjacent to it. 

And that's exactly where this exciting event will be taking place !

Historic Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
July 29 & 30, 2017

Join us each year for the last full weekend of July, on the very grounds where the first European settlement in Michigan was created when the Sainte Marie du Sault mission was founded here in 1668.  This is the same area where John Jacob Astor's American Fur Company, which was chartered in 1808, had its post in Sault Ste. Marie.  It is the very site where Fort De Repentigny was constructed to provide refuge for French voyageurs in 1750, and where, in 1822, Colonel Hugh Brady arrived with Henry Schoolcraft and established Fort Brady.  Before all that, it was the main gathering place of the Anishanaabeg where the adjacent land served as the Wadjiwong (Great Hill) Ancient Burial Grounds; one of the earliest known Anishinaabeg graveyards.

What better place to bring history back to life
than the very spot where the original events first played out?

Brought to you by the Chippewa County Historical Society
in cooperation with the City of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan



Please confirm your attendance - whichever format you prefer




Sault Ste. Marie... where Michigan was Born !