Enjoy the Sights, the Sounds, and the Smells of the 17th & 18th Centuries
( 1668 - 1840 )




Help Us Make Rendezvous a Historic Event


We are in need of responsible volunteers
to help with a variety of important tasks:

  • Publicity - Help distribute fliers and posters throughout the town in the weeks leading up to the Rendezvous.

  • Build Things - We need a few people with the skills to build some benches and canvas sunshades.

  • Food Preparation and Sales - Help prepare and serve food to visitors at the Rendezvous and on Sunday morning for the pancake breakfast. 

  • Concert Worker - Greet visitors and hand out information at the concert in Locks Park on Friday, July 26

  • Sewing - We will give you the patterns and fabric and you sew simple period clothing for volunteers

  • Rendezvous Setup - help set up the tents and various components of the encampment Thursday and Friday before the Rendezvous.

  • Gate Keepers - Work the entrance gates - greet visitors and sell tickets

  • Rendezvous Teardown - help take down the tents on Sunday afternoon-evening.

  • Security - Assist visitors inside and outside of City Hall.

  • Volunteer Coordinator - keep track of volunteer contact information and number of hours worked.

  • Be a Town's Person -

  • Wander the area in period clothing and handout information in the downtown area.  Answer questions and direct people to the Rendezvous and other local attractions. 

  • Or you can take on a historic "Sooite" persona and tell the story of your life in Sault Ste. Marie (your life story and clothing provided by the Chippewa County Historical Society).

  • Help visitors at the encampment with children's games and Explorer Program cards, etc.

  • Be a Town Crier - Give notice to tourists at the Locks Park when key events are scheduled to begin soon.  Training will be provided.

  • Solicit Donations - Visit local shops and businesses and gather small items to present to visiting participants.

  • Be a Merchant - Sell books and things at the Chippewa County Historical Society booth.

  • Don't know what you want to do, but you want to do SOMETHING? - Then just be on-site for the day with available transportation to help out with the unexpected things.  Don't you worry, we'll find something for you to do!

  • Help Plan a Party - Do you have some good local contacts for donations of refreshments and prizes? Help to plan a Thank-you Party for volunteers and registrants to be held on Saturday night at City Hall.

To sign up to volunteer, please contact one of us:
Angie Patterson at (906) 632-5734 or email apatterson@saultcity.com.

Ginny Cymbalist at (906) 632-9523 or email ggcymbalist@yahoo.com

If you email, tell us your name, phone number, and what you'd like to do.  If you don't know exactly what you'd like to to, just say that too and we'll work with you to find something that you'll have fun doing.

Then "Like" us on Facebook
and encourage all your friends to join you in
volunteering at the Rendezvous.



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